Mar 19th, 2014

Statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on international support group for Ukraine

Lately our Western partners have started to call actively for the establishment of an international support group mediate in the Ukraine situation, however, assuming that such a structure would mediate a dialogue between Moscow and Kiev.

As he Russian side explained many times before, the current situation in Ukraine was not created by us but is a result of a deep crisis of the Ukrainian state that lead to the polarization of the society and a sharp escalation of hostility between different parts of the country.
These are the tensions the efforts of the international community should be directed at.
Taking into consideration these goals and the addresses from the US and the European countries, we have prepared and transmitted a week ago to our key partners in the US, Europe and other regions the Russian propositions on organizing outside assistance to the actions Ukrainians themselves should undertake to exit the crisis.
To this end we suggested forming a compact support group for Ukraine with a list of members acceptable to all political powers of Ukraine. Members of the group would adhere to the following principles:
- Respect of the interests of the multinational people of Ukraine;
- Support for lawful aspirations of all the Ukrainians in all parts of the country to live in security and according to their traditions and customs, freely use their native language, have unhindered access to their culture and maintain extensive connections with their compatriots and neighbors; 
- Inadmissibility of revivification of Neo-Nazi ideology, and for the Ukrainian politicians - the necessity to dissociate themselves from the ultra-nationalists and prevent their attempts to destabilize different parts of the country;
- Acknowledgment of the great importance of civil peace and nationwide accord in Ukraine to further advance the constructive relations in the Euro-Atlantic region on the basis of equality and mutual recognition of interest by all countries situated in the region.
The goals of the support group should be to encourage Ukrainians to carry out the following paramount actions:
1. To immediately fulfill obligations contained in the Agreement on the Settlement of Crisis in Ukraine of February 21, 2014 regarding the forfeiture of illegal firearms, liberation of all unlawfully seized buildings, streets and squares, as well as the organization of objective investigations of acts of violence in December 2013 – February 2014;
2. To call without delay by the decision of Rada for a constitutional assembly with equal representation of all Ukrainian regions in order to develop the new federal Constitution, in accordance to which 
- The following principles will be codified: the rule of law, protection of human rights and all ethnic minorities, freedom of speech and action to political parties and mass media, as well as other principles that will insure the Ukrainian regime is that of a democratic federative state with sovereignty and neutral military and political status;
- The Russian language will be granted the status of second official language alongside the Ukrainian language, whereas all other languages will be handled according to the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages;
- The regions will elect their legislative and executive authorities by independent direct elections and possess broad powers, reflecting the cultural and historic particularities, in  the social sphere and matters of economy and finance, language, education, outside interregional affairs, protecting the rights of minorities in each constituent territory of the federation;
- Interference with the affairs of the Church and interfaith relations will be prohibited.
The approval of the new Constitution draft must be decided upon be the constitutional assembly based on consent from all its members.
The draft is then to be presented to the nationwide referendum.
3. Immediately after the endorsement of the new Constitution the general elections for the highest state powers of Ukraine must be set up under the wide and objective international observation. Simultaneous elections for legislative and executive powers must be carried out in each constituent territory of the federation;
4. The right of Crimea to decide its own fait in accordance to the results of free declaration of will of its people by the March 16, 2014 referendum must be acknowledged and respected;
5. Established on the basis of the abovementioned goals and principles the political system of Ukraine, its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and neutral military and political status will be guaranteed by the Russian Federation, the European Union and The United States of America with a UN Security Council resolution.
Together with its partners Russia is ready to promptly begin forming the multilateral mechanism of providing assistance in settling the Ukrainian crisis in accordance to these propositions.